Dear Woman,

  • Own your life choices; the good, the bad, the ugly. – The only validation that really matters is the one you give yourself.
  • When making decisions, think first about what good the outcome will do to you, not what others will think about it.
  • Some of your fears are valid, so are your dreams.
  • Create your bubble, that thing that protects you from people who can’t see beyond their myopic views of what you should be.
  • Focus on you and your goal, anything in the way of that gets crushed, moved aside, left alone or passed over.
  • Whatever success means to you, go for it.
  • Whatever happiness means to you, find it.
  • Take credit for your work. Be that someone who takes credit for good work when you do it.  Speak up, own it. No shame in saying “I did this” “I made this happen”. Beyond convincing others that you can, it’s first reminding yourself that you can because you’ve done it and prepping yourself for the next challenge.
  • Build skills, create value and get paid for it. You deserve good things, expensive ones too, but more importantly, you need fuck you money.
  • Celebrate yourself everyday. Small wins, big wins and on days you have no wins, celebrate past wins.
  • Have an open-mind, beyond learning new things, you need to unlearn some things that stop you from achieving greatness.
  • Greatness is not something so far out you can’t touch. Realize that the thing you do so well that others struggle with is in itself greatness, no matter how small you think it is.
  • Increase your threshold for rejections and disappointments, a lot of pain happens where there is extraordinary growth.
  • You deserve to be here, no explanations needed.

Always rooting for all of us. Joké Adekunle

Written by Adejoke Adekunle